Sending A Campaign With Your Own Print and Mailhouse

With REI Pebble, you can send campaigns using your own print and mailhouse while still managing and tracking all properties inside of our system. Here's how:

Firstly you need to import your list of properties into REI Pebble. To do this, go to Campaigns > Add Campaign inside your REI Pebble Dashboard

Name the campaign then click Create Campaign

Select your County, add the list and click on Upload

Match your Placeholders

Click Import List

You'll now be able to see all your properties in the campaign. You'll also notice that they've all been given a unique property code. You can find out more about those in this article but essentially they're important as they will give each property a unique identifier that you can include in your mailers when you export the property information to your chosen mailhouse. 

Next, you'll need to export your property list to a CSV file. 

To do this, head to Properties in your REI Pebble Dashboard.

Filter by your new campaign name, then click Export. Your file will then automatically download as a CSV file. 

You can now go ahead and delete the campaign if you wish. The properties will remain under properties in your REI Pebble Dashboard, however, you won't be able to filter by this campaign name anymore as it'll no longer exist.