Generating Property Documents

One of the great features of Pebble is the ability to generate and send documents quickly and easily to both buyers and sellers.

Go to Settings, then Templates in your Pebble Dashboard; you'll be presented with a variety of document templates that have already been uploaded to Pebble.

Click on Add Template 

In this example, we'll be using the Blind Offer Letter 

Click Add template

Once you're in the template, give it a name that'll make it easy for you to identify under Template name

Now you can move onto the main body of the document. 

The top of the document has a range of options to help you with formatting and customization. You can also add pictures, tables, and placeholders

The address area is a space where you can add your address, and this can be toggled on and off as you require.

Once you've made all the changes to your template, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Preview. 

If you've not added placeholders at this point the document will just generate some dummy data so you can see what the final document could look like. The file will download as a PDF automatically.

If you're happy with everything, switch back to your Pebble Dashboard and click Save

Duplicating a Document

Find the template you wish to edit by going to Settings > Templates in your REI Pebble Dashboard.

Click Edit Template on your preferred document. 

In the top right-hand side of the screen you'll see three small dots. Click on that and select Copy

You'll then see a notification at the top of the screen verifying the copy was successful. 

Assigning a Document to a Property

Once you have all your property document templates prepared, you can assign them to individual properties. 

To do this, head over to Properties in your Pebble Dashboard

Locate the property you're wanting to assign a template to and click on it

At the top, click on Documents, then click Add document.

You'll then be presented with your previously added templates. Click on the template you wish to add. 

On the next page, you'll see prepopulated all the information from the particular property you're on. If you need to change anything, just click on the corresponding text box and edit the text accordingly. If you have more than one signatory, under the box that says Signatures, add a new name on a new line inside the box.

Once you're happy with everything, click Preview to view the populated document and then click Save. This will permanently generate the document for that property. 

Once the document is saved, you can download it and send it as you like. To send it in the mail click on Send Mailing; all documents in Pebble are able to be mailed. 

You'll be redirected to a page that lets you select some options before sending.

Mail Type: First class or standard 

Print Type: Color or Black & White 

Address Placement: Choose to insert it on a blank page or the top corner of your letter

Double Sided: Select Yes or No

Return Address: Your address

Destination Address: Address your mailer is going to. To add a new address, select Add Address

Once you're finished, click Send to send your Mailers