Property Codes

(Please note the interface of REI Pebble has been updated since the recording of this video.)

When a property is uploaded to REI Pebble, a unique property code is generate so you can easily search and identify it. The code is unique across the whole REI Pebble platform, not just for your account, so if you work with other land investors using REI Pebble, there won't be any duplicates. 

Property codes can be easily incorporated into both the buyer and seller lead generation process. 

For example, as a land buyer, when you're sending out neutral letters or blind offers, the template includes shortcode to include the unique property code

Motivated sellers can then call and quote the code, or, if you use REI Landleads, they type it into the lead capture form on the motivated seller website. This will then filter through to REI Pebble and bring up all the property details. 

When it comes to selling a newly acquired piece of land, REI Pebble can then pass the property code onto your selling website (REI Landlist)