How to Use Your Buyer Leads Inbox

On the left-hand side of your  Pebble Dashboard, you'll find a section named Buyers. This is where all your inbound leads will land when a potential buyer wants to know more about a property. You'll be able to filter and search all your seller leads by name, or their source (i.e. website, Facebook, etc.) 

If you want to learn more about Buyer and Seller Inbox Leads, check out our  Success Guide.

Changing the Buyer Leads Inbox Address

If your plan allows it, at the top of the screen you'll see your Inbox address. In this example it's Just like with your seller lead inbox, this will be the central email that your leads will filter through to no matter where your property is listed. So, for example, if you list your property on Zillow and put your buyer leads inbox address on the Zillow ads, your leads will filter directly through to Pebble. 

If you already use the  REI Landlist theme, then all your leads will also automatically filter through to this inbox here in Pebble. To learn more about integration, click here.

To change the email address, go to  Settings then Inbox Addresses on your REI Pebble Dashboard. Then click Change

Then change your email address and click Save Address

Manually Adding a Buyer 

Finally, you can manually add a buyer to your inbox. This may be particularly useful if you get a call from someone interested in purchasing one of the properties you have listed. 

To do this, go to  Add Buyer at the top of the page

Next, fill out the seller's information and then click  Save

Then, you add in the property the lead is interested in and any extra information about the client. Then you can click save and go back to the buyer dashboard by clicking on Buyers in the left-hand panel. 

Email Format

Pebble will automatically read lead information from incoming emails. The email body should be written in the following format:

Name: John Smith
Phone: 555-555-5555
Property Code: abc123