Sending Neighbor Letters

Generating the Mailers 

Go to Templates in your Pebble Dashboard 

Click on Add Template 

Under Neighbor Letter, click Add Template 

Under Template name, give your template a name of your choosing; we've just kept it as Neighbor Letter for the purposes of this demo

Next, tailor your document to your liking, you may want to add a logo and change placeholders, etc.  

Once you've customized your document, you can then click preview to view it. It will automatically download as a PDF

If you're happy, click Save to save your template. You'll then be able to see it under Templates

Next, go to Properties in your Pebble Dashboard

Filter your properties under Stage to show currently Active properties (in the screenshot below we use marketing as our filter)

Then click Filter

Click on the property's code 

Go to Documents

Click Add a Document 

Select Neighbor Letter 

You'll then need to add some data; some information will already be filled out but you'll need to add key details like the property's assessed value (your offer)

You can then select some images you want to include in the letter. 

Once you're finished, click to Preview, and then Save 

Your neighbor letter will then be generated

Sending the Mailers 

Once you have a list of addresses to send your mailers to, you can select Add Mailing

You'll then be presented with your mailing options: 

Mail Type: First class or standard 

Print Type: Color or Black & White 

Address Placement: Choose to insert it on a blank page or the top corner of your letter

Destination Address: Address your mailer is going to 

Return Address: Your address; you can change this in the settings or on this form directly if you only want to make a one-time change

Once you're finished, click Send to send your Mailers

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