Changing Theme Skins

If you decide you want to change your theme's skin after the website is set up, there are two ways to do this. You can either start with a clean install of the theme or, use a staging site to install the theme and then migrate it over to your live site. In this article, we'll discuss how to do both. 

Method 1: Clean Installation

The first way you can change your skin is to completely reset your site and start fresh. However, you will lose all your content and custom settings if you do this. We recommend using the plugin WP Reset to do this:

Go to Plugins > Add New on your WordPress Dashboard

Search WP Reset in the top right 

You will see the plugin appear in the search results. Click Install Now

You'll be prompted to make a backup. If you haven't saved your content elsewhere, click on Yes

Next, click Activate 

You'll once again be prompted to back up your site. Click either Yes, or No, depending on what you need to do. 

Now you're ready to reset your site. 

Head to Tools > WP Reset in your WordPress Dashboard 

Scroll towards the bottom of the page and under Site Reset, type reset in the text box to confirm what you're doing then click on the Reset Site button

You'll once again be prompted to confirm. Click Reset WordPress

Go to Appearance > Themes and click on Theme Details of the theme you just removed (Landlist or Landleads). 

Click on Delete.

You'll then have a fresh WordPress Site and can just reinstall the theme with your preferred skin. 

Landleads Setup

Landlist Setup

Method 2: Staging Site Installation

If you don't want to wipe your site clean and prefer to keep current site progress, you can set up a staging site, put all your content on there along with the new skin and then migrate it over to your current website.
The instructions below are specific to WP Engine, although other hosts do have a similar process; nevertheless, be sure to check out their documentation if you need further guidance. 
Firstly, set up your staging site from the user portal in WP Engine. Check out these instructions for more details on how to do this  (option 1).
Now you can install your REI Conversion theme using the following instructions:
During install, you'll be prompted to select the new skin of your choice   
Next, you'll need to update your website content:
Head over to Appearance > Customize in your WordPress Dashboard to change any color schemes. Use these sections of the documentation if you need help:
If you've made changes to Ninja Forms you'll need to export these and upload them to your new staged site. 
Go to your current WordPress Dashboard 
Click Ninja Forms 
Click Import/Export
Under Export Forms, select the form you want to export and click Export Form 
Next, go to your staging site, then head to Ninja Forms on your WordPress Dashboard 
Click on Import/Export 
Under Import Forms, click Choose file and upload your previously downloaded form
Click on Import Form
Now, you'll need to update your Elementor pages. For a refresh on how to do this, refer to the following sections of the documentation:
Finally, you'll need to migrate your staging site to your live site. Once you have all your content on the staging site is ready, we strongly suggest to backup your site before migration so that you don't lose any content.  These steps cover migration using WP Engine , but if you use a different hosting provider, they may recommend taking different steps. Please refer to them before you attempt to migrate your site. 
If you encounter any difficulties migrating your site, our Maintenance Service can help, but we will need the following information:
- Hosting login details 
- cPanel login details
- SFTP/FTP login details 

Method 3: Skin Setup Maintenance Service

You can also use our  maintenance service to help you setup your skin. However, please note that we can't help you transfer your content. To do this, head over to the maintenance service page, fill out the form, and select theme skin installation as the service you require.