Adding a Menu Bar

Landleads comes with two different Menu Headers for your website. Default (solid color) or Transparent

For the Home Page, you can choose either or. For the Get Cash Offer page, you can only have the default header displayed. 

Choosing Your Header Menu 

Go to Pages > All Pages in your WordPress Dashboard

Select the Home Page 

In the Document Tab on the right, you'll see an option for Header Template

Select the Menu Header you'd like

Click Update to save changes

Toggling the Menu On/Off

Once you've selected the header template, you can then toggle it on or off. 

Go to Appearance > Customize in your WordPress Dashboard 

Click Menus 

Select Main Menu

Toggle the menu on/off by selecting the checkbox. Because in the example we selected that we would be using a transparent header menu, we've toggled the transparent menu header on. You'll see the menu appear in the live preview. 

To save changes, click Publish