Installing Code Snippets

We recommend that you install the Code Snippets plugin to allow you to add code to your site easily on the front end without having to scan through thousands of lines of code on your functions.php file. Code Snippets is for PHP code and you may need it for things such as Google Analytics, Schema Markup, Facebook Messenger chat bubbles; basically any additional custom function you want to run on your website. 

Installing the Plugin 

Go to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress Dashboard 

Click on the search bar and type in Code Snippets and select Install Now once the plugin appears. 

Click on Activate

Adding a New Snippet 

To add a new snippet, go to Snippets > Add New in your WordPress Dashboard.

You'll then be presented with a new page to add your snippet. Here you can add a title, then add the code and finally add a description and tags to help you locate the code if you need to edit or delete it at a later date.