Property Blocks

CoBlocks is a plugin specifically designed to work with the 'Properties' section of the website.

When editing your properties, instead of using Elementor to customize each section, like you will be doing in other pages of your website, you will be using the "blocks" system built into Wordpress' "Gutenberg" as well CoBlocks - giving you even more range of functions.

To access these blocks and edit your properties, go to Properties > Add New or Properties > All Properties, and click on the land you wish to edit to access the Gutenberg editor.

You will be presented with the Properties editing page.

Because each land item loads with a preset land listing template, you don't need to add any new block sections to add additional information to your land as we provide the necessary spaces within our template already.

Though, if you desire to add a new section, you have the capability by doing the following:

Click  to add a block

You will see all the Gutenberg blocks, plus an extra section that shows the CoBlocks blocks in blue.

Why Can't I See Some Of My Blocks When I'm Editing My Properties?

If you're not seeing all of the CoBlocks when editing a page, it's likely due to a plugin causing a conflict with the editor, causing WordPress to revert back to the classic editor.

The only way to resolve this issue is to deactivate all of your plugins and then reactivate them one at a time so you can single out the plugin that's causing the issue.

To deactivate a plugin, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins on your WordPress Dashboard.

Check the box at the top of your plugins, this will select all of them for you. Then on the dropdown that says Bulk Actions, click Deactivate. Then click Apply.

To re-install each plugin individually, click on the Activate hyperlink.