Property Content Lock Plugin Setup

In order to help you capture more leads, the REI Houselist theme comes with the Property Content Lock Plugin. This plugin allows you to create a pop-up notification for new visitors which asks them to put in their contact information before browsing your available properties.

1. Installing the Plugin

Go to Plugins > Add New on your WordPress Dashboard.

Then click Upload Plugin.

Next, upload the Plugin’s zip file by selecting Choose File. You’ll see the file name appear. You can then press Install Now.

Next, click Activate Plugin.

2. Activating the Plugin

Once you click Activate Plugin, you will be redirected to the page where you put in your license key. Type in your license key and click Agree and Activate License.

Once activated you’ll be redirected to the plugin page and have the option to customize the text that introduces your opt-in form. You’ll also see the shortcode for the opt-in form, which is powered by Ninja Forms. On the screenshot here, you see the visual editor, but if you want to edit it in HTML, just click on the Text tab.

3. Customizing the Form Message

As mentioned above you can edit the title and subheading of the opt-in box.

If you scroll down the page you’ll also see two more options; a checkbox to Force Visitors to Opt-in and the Close Popup Button Text.

If you check the box, visitors to your site won’t be able to close the form unless they put in their details. If you’d prefer not to do this, uncheck the box and on your website the popup box will now show an ‘X’ to close the box.

If the visitor chooses to close the box, it will not show up on that device for 14 days. However, if they access the site from another device, they will be prompted to put in their details again.

Once you’ve made the required changes, click on Save Changes.

4. Customizing the Opt-in Form

The opt-in form is powered by Ninja Forms, so if you want to make any modifications you will need to access the form by going to Ninja Forms > Dashboard on your WordPress Dashboard.

The name of the form is called Opt In, and you’ll see that the shortcode reads ‘ninja_form id=4′.

Click on it to edit.

You’ll then be presented with the form and you can customize as you wish. If you need a refresh on all the different features of Ninja Forms, refer to this section of the documentation.

5. Changing the Success Message

To change the success message your visitors receive after inputting their details, click on the Email & Actions tab at the top of the screen.

Success Message will be at the top and you can toggle it on and off to suit your needs. To edit the message, simply click on it and a text field will appear on the right-hand side.

Once you’re finished, click Done to save your changes.

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