Setting Up Your Theme

Starting With a Clean WordPress

All of the REI Conversion themes are designed to be set up on brand new sites in order to work correctly. If you're just starting out, skip to the end of the article and select your theme to proceed with the install. 

If you already have a website, you'll have to wipe it clean first so you can start fresh. 

If you have content such as pictures or text you want to still include on your site once you've set up the new theme, we recommend saving this content to your laptop or computer, so you can easily add it to your site once the theme has been installed.  

To wipe your site clean, we recommend using the plugin WP Reset. 

Go to Plugins > Add New on your WordPress Dashboard

Search WP Reset in the top right 

You will see the plugin appear in the search results. Click Install Now

You'll be prompted to make a backup. if you haven't saved your content elsewhere, click on Yes

Next, click Activate 

You'll once again be prompted to back up your site. Click either Yes, or No, depending on what you need to do. 

Now you're ready to reset your site. 

Head to Tools > WP Reset in your WordPress Dashboard 

Scroll towards the bottom of the page and under Site Reset, type reset in the text box to confirm what you're doing then click on the Reset Site button

You'll once again be prompted to confirm. Click Reset WordPress

Now you're ready to start fresh!

Choose Your Theme to Setup

Select your theme below to continue your theme's setup wizard

REI Houseleads
REI Houselist
REI Landleads
REI Landlist

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